Tuition Assistance for 'Building' Careers

Southern Southeast Alaska Building Industry Association established Building Scholarships in 2009. These scholarships provide tuition assistance to students pursuing a career in the building industry or affiliation. The scholarship fund was created to address the pressing need for educating and training in the building industry. This program's vision and mission are to establish a permanent source of scholarship funding to help students achieve their career goals and address workforce development within the Construction industry.

Eligibility Requirements

Revision 2.1 Applicant must be Currently registered, as a full-time Student in the desired program, as a Post-High School Student, High-School Senior, or Under-Classman. The SSEABIA Board of Directors (BoD) has Established the Scholarship Criteria as follows: 1. Scholarship – CAT I – “Calvin Bakk Building Career” - OPEN - Available to All 2. Scholarship – CAT II – "Any Career" – CLOSED - Available to Members Only Funding: 1. Gaming – Pull Tabs: Primary resource for income. Executive Officer to Manage all Gaming activities and maintain SSEABIA Good Standing, Including: Reconciling, Reporting, Payables, and any other Regulations. 2. The Targeted Award is based on our Current financial position, not to exceed $2,500.00 per award. 3. The BoD has the autonomy to reallocate funds between Scholarships based on applicant pool. Scholarship Criteria: 1. CLOSED: - BoD & SSEABIA members - Children of SSEABIA members - High School graduate and/or in a School of Higher learning. 2. OPEN: - High School graduate and/or in a School of Higher learning. - General public 3. Scholarships are intended to award in the below order of succession: Awardee Preference Awardee Demographic - High School Senior - Field Study Construction - Post – High School Student - Active Association Affiliation - High School Freshman – Junior - Community Nomination - Repeat Awards - Merit or Financial Need 4. Scholarship Programs Accepted: - Vocational programs - Job Training - 2-year & 4-year College or University - Graduate education - Continuing professional education 5. Grade requirement: 2.5 GPA minimum 6. Income requirements? NO 7. Ultimately, scholarship criteria will remain “Open” to allow the BoD to make concessions as necessary per academic year. SSEABIA

How to Get the Application

You may download the application materials here as an interactive PDF file that you can complete on your computer or as a PDF file that may be printed and used the same as the hard copy document.